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We are glad to announce the availability of 4 post-doc fellowships for the research project ‘Searching for the Neural Foundations of Spirituality and Religiosity in the predictive coding of the internal and external world’ funded by the John Templeton Foundation under a subcontract with with

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Upcoming events

Congreso SEPNECA

10th September 2021

I will hold a conference entitled «Alpha oscillations in perceptual decision-making account for inter-individual differences in cognitive styles and predicts psychosis risk» at the Congreso SEPNECA CÁDIZ 2021.   Attend online the event here 

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XXIX Congresso Nazionale SIPF

1st October 2021

During the Simposio “Brain Rhythms for perception and action: defining the building blocks of human conscious experience” I will hold a conference entitled “Tuning Alpha frequency and amplitude dissociates perceptual accuracy and confidence”. download the program here. PROGRAMMA_Congresso Nazionale SIPF_REV. 9_AGG. 31.08.2021 (1) (1)

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22nd October 2021

I will hold a conference entitled «Boosting frontoparietal alpha-synchronization facilitates the suppression of irrelevant information in a working memory task». The research presented is funded by the Bial Foundation My presentation can be found HERE 

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Transcranial Brain Stimulation in Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop

3rd-4th December 2020

HOW DO WE BECOME AWARE OF WHAT (WE THINK) WE SEE? Oscillatory mechanisms of conscious perception Jelena Trajkovic1, Francesco Di Gregorio2, Paolo Di Luzio1, Eleonora Mercantoni1, Alessio

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17th December 2020

Invited talk entitled “Enhancing brain connectivity and testing its functional significance through manipulation of Hebbian-like plasticity of targeted networks” at the CINET (Center for Information and Neural

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11th November 2020

I will be presenting our new exciting findings at the 7th International conference on Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation with a talk entitled “Enhancing brain connectivity and testing its

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