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Congratulations to Paolo di Luzio for his first publication!

Di Luzio P, Borgomaneri S, Sanchioni S, Tessari A, Romei V. Exposure to first-person shooter videogames is associated with multisensory temporal precision and migraine incidence. Cortex (in press). ABSTRACT Adaptive interactions with the environment require optimal integration and segregation of sensory information. Yet, temporal misalignments in

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Upcoming events


Transcranial Brain Stimulation in Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop

3rd-4th December 2020

HOW DO WE BECOME AWARE OF WHAT (WE THINK) WE SEE? Oscillatory mechanisms of conscious perception Jelena Trajkovic1, Francesco Di Gregorio2, Paolo Di Luzio1, Eleonora Mercantoni1, Alessio

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17th December 2020

Invited talk entitled “Enhancing brain connectivity and testing its functional significance through manipulation of Hebbian-like plasticity of targeted networks” at the CINET (Center for Information and Neural

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11th November 2020

I will be presenting our new exciting findings at the 7th International conference on Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation with a talk entitled “Enhancing brain connectivity and testing its

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